A Token Economy for
the Real World

LINE’s token economy is designed to be easily implemented
by existing users and services.

Contribution Based

Rewards issued based on users’
activities for the service


LINK allocation for adding additional
value on the service

Wide range of

Diverse usages on unlimited
range of industries

Tradable Exchanges


BITFRONT is LINE’s global crypto assets exchange.


BITMAX is LINE’s crypto assets service available in Japan.

Token Economy Flow

Service Level

Users receive rewards based on their contributions according
to the reward policy of each service. LINK can be used in a variety of ways, such as paying for content, engaging in
e-commerce or transfers, trading game items or exchanging with other crypto assets. LINK holders can benefit in many ways, such as exercising influence or authority within the service or receiving benefits, etc.

Platform Level

LINE Blockchain platform operators can charge fees for platform usage, including generating transactions (for example, transmitting coins or data on the blockchain network through such activities as transfers, reward payments or the uploading of smart contracts). LINE Blockchain platform fees are paid by each dApp or user according to the dApp’s policy.

Distribution Plan

User Rewards (80%)
800 million LINK
Rewarded by Service developers in accordance
with their user-compensation policies.
Reserves (20%)
200 million LINK
Managed by LINE Tech Plus,
the issuer of LINK, as a reserve.

User Rewards

User rewards will be issued based on user-contribution activities to Reward dApps. The rate of user reward issuance will be determined by the growth of the LINE Blockchain ecosystem’s internal value. The eventual opening of LINE Blockchain Network node participation will allow for user rewards to be paid as node operational compensation as well.


Reserves are allocated for network expansion, and will be used by the LINK Secretariat for, including, but not limited to, LINE Blockchain operational expenses (including, without limitation, R&D and infrastructure expenses), service acceleration, and marketing, etc. Reserves will only be issued after public announcements are made in advance through official communications channels.

The maximum issuance of LINK is capped at 100 million for three years since the initial issuance and after the 100 million is reached, the cap is to increase by 5% annually thereafter. Out of the maximum issuance limit, the actual circulation amount will be determined according to the network value of LINE Blockchain and the subject of decision will be LTP.