[NOTICE] Update on LINK (LN) Circulation Formula


Greetings from LINE Blockchain Team


We’d like to share the newly updated formula of the circulation of LINK (LN), the Base Coin of LINE Blockchain.

The update has been designed to deliver a better transparency of information along with the ecosystem expansion, and will be applied starting from August 6, 2020.


1) Policy before the update:
The total amount of LN allocated to BITFRONT, LINE’s crypto asset exchange


2) Newly updated policy:
The combination of a) and b) stated below

  • a) The amount of LINK allocated to the LINE’s crypto asset exchange(s)
  • :The total amount of LINK allocated to BITMAX and BITFRONT


  • b) The actual amount of LINK distributed by internal/external dApp to its users
  • :The actual amount* of LINK that has been distributed to the user as rewards by general services (dApps, not the exchanges).


  • * The completion of LINK (LN) distribution is recognized as the case when a user has acquired LINK that was given as rewards provided by dApp, and has acquired the LN within a certain period of time. The LN rewards distributed by dApp and the procedure of LINK acquisition of user is available at LINE Blockchain Explorer. Users can also find the info of the LINK that can be acquired at LINE Blockchain Wallet.


The latest version of circulation that adopts the newly updated policy will be available to public at LINE Blockchain Site and LINE Blockchain Explorer.


– LINE Blockchain Site (https://blockchain.line.me)

– LINE Blockchain Explorer (https://scan.link.network)


Thank you.

LINE Blockchain Team