[NOTICE] LINK SCAN's Updated to v1.2

Greetings from LINK Team,

As the LINK Scan has been updated to v1.2, we’d like to share some of the details on the updates and changes.


# Total Minted Amount

  • Now, with the updated calculation policy applied to the ‘Total Minted’ LINK on the Bamboo Chain, you can now see the info that has previously been unavailable.
  • The information related to Circulation/Allocation within the BITBOX will be re-updated when the LN supports deposit/withdrawal features. Until then, you can check the info on the Official Site of LINK


# Token Balance
  • On the ‘Detail Page’ of Address, you can see the Balance of both the LINK, the Base Coin, and the balance of the Token.


# Transactions List
  • Since the new block is generated every 2 seconds on the Bamboo Chain, the notation of the ‘Block Age’ that has been generated within the last 1 hour shows more detailed age written in HH:MM:SS format, displaying the second that the block has been generated.
  • The Token’s Transfer history is more detailed and distinguishable now. There are two types of the Transfer History: 1) Base Coin (LN) transfer that does not go through smart contract, and 2) Token Transfer that goes through smart contract.


# Changes in the Address Icons
  • On the detailed page of Address, icons will be shown differently depending on the types of the addresses, so that the addresses such as ‘general user,’ ‘dApp,’ ‘Contract,’ and ‘System’ can be distinguished at one glance.

Should you have more questions regarding the updates, please contact us via here.
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