LINK Whitepaper 2.0 release


LINK’s Whitepaper 2.0 has been officially released.

The latest version of LINK Whitepaper doesn’t only discuss LINK, but also looks at the blueprint of the overall ecosystem surrounding LINK.

The LINK Ecosystem aims to create a future in which everyone around the world can use LINK and the LINK Network conveniently and seamlessly in everyday lives.

To achieve those goals, the LINK Secretariat will bring together a wide range of dApps and form the LINK Alliance. This Alliance will nurture the token economy and drive the growth of demand for LINK. In addition, user contributions to the LINK Ecosystem will be evaluated and rewarded according to LUCAS (LINK User Contribution Assessment System).

As a concrete technical foundation is essential to the growth of the LINK Ecosystem, the Whitepaper also covers technical aspects of the LINK Network. Examples of those technical aspects covered in the Whitepaper include the LINEAR Network, which aims to provide solutions to problems in blockchain’s scalability, and the LINK Framework, which offers solutions to enhance the experience of dApp developers and for the general users of LINK. With these improvements, the LINK Network will continue to develop as an easy-to-use blockchain platform.

The Whitepaper 2.0 also introduces a list of short-term goals and a long-term growth roadmap for the LINK Ecosystem. Together, these plans are designed to ensure the LINK Ecosystem continues to develop steadily, so we can achieve our ultimate mission: Blockchain Designed for Everyone.

To explore all those details and more, please check out Whitepaper 2.0. And expect more whitepapers to come in the future, as we keep you up-to-date on all the latest news and developments with LINK.

As always, we appreciate your support.


You can find the LINK Whitepaper 2.0 here (click)


LINK, Blockchain Designed for Everyone