Bamboo Chain Updates & LINK SCAN Server Maintenance


We would like to make an announcement on the update on the Bamboo Chain that has been unveiled on July 8th.

Bamboo Chain, the second Leaf Chain that has been unveiled after LINK’s first Leaf Chain ‘Alder Chain,’ is designed to bridge the LINK Ecosystem and real economy, and also to grant liquidity among the global exchanges.

Today at 1 pm, Bamboo Chain will be updated so that the Bamboo Chain can have the complete security on the public network, and to have preparedness for the actual use cases.

We would like to inform that during the approximately 9-hour maintenance period scheduled from 1 pm to 10 pm, Bamboo Chain on the Network list may be temporarily invisible.

With this update, Bamboo Chain can now use LINK and Smart Contracts with enhanced safety.

We would like to ask your kind understandings on the temporal inconvenience that may arise during the maintenance period, and please refer to LINK SCAN for the further details.

Thank you for your support.

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