Introducing: The Bamboo Chain


The latest Leaf Chain of LINK Network, ‘BAMBOO CHAIN,’ has been officially released.


When you try to develop and operate multiple types of services and dApps with one single blockchain protocol, then there emerges a lot of issues regarding the developers, usability, and network scalability.

LINK Chain, on the other hand, resolves these issues by independently building and providing multiple mainnets opted for various service types.

Leaf Chain can be defined as a mainnet built by each service that uses LINK Chain source to construct its own governance, commission system, and the core features. Root Chain, therefore, is a bundle of connected Leaf Chains that enables sharing of assets, info, and users among Leaf Chains.

LINK Chain has launched its very first Leaf Chain ‘Alder Chain’ designed to manage LINK Point in April. And today, the next Leaf Chain from LINK Network “BAMBOO CHAIN” is launched.

The BAMBOO CHAIN is built to bridge the LINK Ecosystem and real material economy, and grant liquidity to LINK (LN) in-between global crypto exchanges and brokerages. With the BAMBOO CHAIN, LINK Team will make its first step forward to make LINK’s vision come true — ‘Blockchain, Designed for Everyone.’

The blocks and transactions made on BAMBOO CHAIN can be found at LINK SCAN.

LINK, Blockchain Designed for Everyone