LINK Scan's Updated to v1.1



Dear fellow LINK Community members,

LNK Scan has been updated to v1.1, and the major updates are as below:



  • On the main screen, you can not only see the total supply and circulation of LINK, but also can see the LINK supply and circulation by dApps. (currently available for: LINK Wizball, LINK 4CAST)
  • The information of LINK allocation/circulation on BITBOX will be added when LN’s deposit/withdraw feature is supported. Until then, you can check the info at LINK Website and BITBOX.


#Network Alder

  • LINK Scan now displays chain’s network name. LINK Chain resolves scalability by using the Interchain-type LINEAR Network.
  • LINEAR Network consists of the middle hub ‘rootchain’ and several ‘leafchains,’ and each dApp can get allocated with one of the leafchains.
  • The first chain from the LINEAR Network is called ‘Network Alder,’ and the names of the next chains will be open when launched.



  • Based on the address list’s balance, top 100 addresses will be displayed and the UI has been improved
  • You can now see the total balance, transaction/token transfer, LINK balance percentage in a selected chain network, and also the dApp’s name that created addresses



  • The previously separated token transfer history has now been consolidated into transaction list, and the UI is improved



  • The allocation, circulation, and chain network of dApps running on LINK Network are displayed (currently available for: LINK Wizball, LINK 4CAST)

For questions on the updates, please contact here.


Check out the updates on LINK Scan!