A Mainnet for
the Masses

The LINE Blockchain is LINE’s next-generation blockchain mainnet,
capable of handling heavy traffic and designed so anyone can build their own blockchain services.


Ensures flexibility of consensus
and operation layers

Blockchain Protocol

Root-Leaf structure supports inter-
trading between multiple blockchains

Full Stack
Blockchain Service

The LINE Blockchain Platform simplifies the development process


The service-oriented architecture of the LINE Blockchain has adopted a layer structure that can tailor-design networks according to the characteristics of the applications that will be used on the network. That structure can be optimized into the application since it supports different consensus algorithms in between the nodes.

LINEAR Network

Blockchain Protocol

Because the LINEAR Network utilizes a Root-Leaf chain structure, users can participate in the services within the network and freely trade assets with different blockchains.
As a result, all trades in the LINE Blockchain can be done smoothly and seamlessly.

  • C Nodes : Consensus block generation, confirms data validation & data transactions
  • S Nodes : Full sync node with no consensus, supports data sync & data inquiries

Maximum TPS

Capable of 1,000+ TPS, backed by a PBFT consensus algorithm


Each service operates on different
blockchain networks, so performance
unaffected by the others

Flexible Leaf Chains

Assets can be traded between all
blockchain networks linked to the
LINEAR Network

LINE Blockchain Platform

Full-stack blockchain service for all users and developers

LINE Blockchain Platform offers a comfortable UX that feels
just like a typical internet environment.

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