Why is LINE pursuing its own blockchain project?

From the beginning, LINE’s growth as a company has only been possible because of user engagement,

and similarly for our blockchain project, LINE has pursued this initiative with our users in mind, as a way to share value with those participating in the LINE Ecosystem. That’s why the LINE Blockchain Team is building a universal, easy-to-use blockchain platform that is as easy to use as our flagship messenger.


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What is LINE Blockchain Ecosystem?

The LINE Blockchain Ecosystem is an integrated network of services and applications built using

the LINE Blockchain and our cryptoasset LINK (LN) that is designed to make the implementation of blockchain and the token economy safe and seamless.

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What is LINE Blockchain?

LINE Blockchain is a next-generation blockchain platform that is designed for everyone.

Anyone – even those with very little technical training – can generate and issue tokens of their own and share them with others.

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What is special or different about LINE Blockchain?

The simplicity and convenience.

LINE Blockchain aims to become the first blockchain platform that can be seamlessly used by every user and developer.

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How are LINE Blockchain’s Bamboo Chain, Cashew Chain, and Daphne Chain different and what roles do they serve?

While Bamboo Chain distributes and issues LINK (LN),

the Cashew and Daphne chains are for distributing and issuing FT/NFT (Fungible/Non-Fungible Tokens).

Or, to differentiate by their status: Cashew Chain is a test network, while Daphne is the main network.

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How can I acquire LINK (LN)?

Users can get LINK (LN) from the services that offer LINK (LN) as a user reward or through

cryptoasset exchanges that have LINK (LN) listed. LINK (LN) is currently tradable on BITFRONT (availably internationally except in certain U.S. states and Japan) and BITMAX (only in Japan). In the near future, LINK (LN) is expected to be listed on other exchanges for better liquidity.

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How can I use LINK (LN)?

Users can use LINK (LN) to make payments and remittances, or to receive holder benefits,

as well as to use and engage in the LINE Blockchain. And the range of uses for LINK (LN) will continue to expand over time.

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How many LINK (LN) have been issued so far (and how many will be in the future)?

LINK (LN) issuance is limited to 100 million over three years from the beginning of issuance,

and is to increase by 5% annually thereafter.


Of the LINK (LN) issued, 80% (80 million) is as user rewards, while 20% (20 million) is LINE Blockchain’s reserve. The overall amount of LINK (LN) that can be issued over its lifetime is limited to 1 billion.


Out of the yearly issuance limit, the circulation of LINK (LN) will be determined by the participating entities in the LINE Blockchain Ecosystem and the Ecosystem’s growth.

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How is the value of LINK (LN) determined?

The market value of LINK (LN) is neither fixed nor pegged

— it varies depending on the supply and demand on the market.

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What is LINE Blockchain Explorer?

On LINE Blockchain Explorer, you can view the blocks and transactions on LINE Blockchain,

details of the tokens issued on Blockchain Services, and see the issuance & circulation amounts and addresses of LINK (LN).

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Who can engage in LINE Blockchain and how do I start?

Anyone who wants to experience a blockchain service can join LINE Blockchain using their LINE account.

LINE users can store their tokens in their LINE Blockchain Wallet and sync their services with LINE Blockchain tokens through LINE Blockchain Developers. If you would like to engage/participate in the LINE Blockchain Ecosystem, please submit your request via our Contact Page.

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I have more questions. How can I get answers?

For inquiries regarding LINE Blockchain network onboarding, business partnerships,

developer support, or other issues, please refer to our Contact Page.

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