A Better Blockchain

Platform optimized for all your needs with blockchain

LINE Blockchain Developers

LINE Blockchain Developers is a platform that simplifies development process by providing features needed for developing and running blockchain services on the LINE Blockchain.


LINE Blockchain Developers offers the console and Open API required to use LINE Blockchain features including token management, wallet management and blockchain transactions.


BITMAX Wallet is a blockchain assets management platform that can be easily joined with LINE ID. Users can send blockchain assets to their LINE friends and related services.


BITMAX Wallet is an essential service of the LINE blockchain as it connects LINE users and blockchain services seamlessly.

LINE Blockchain Explorer

The Block Explorer “LINE Blockchian Explorer” ensures all data stored within the LINE Blockchain Network is transparent and open to the public. Service providers can share their service data with users to better establish credibility with their operations and asset management.


Service providers can search blockchain data by their needs, as well as review block generation log history and asset flow on LINE Blockchain to optimize the business strategies.